Cremation Services

The use of cremation services has become increasingly widespread. This cost effective method is simple, requiring few decisions and arrangements. This relieves grieving families from a portion of the financial burden, while still allowing them the freedom to make key decisions, like the location to store, or spread the ashes. Much of the allure of these services stems from the idea of having one’s ashes spread somewhere meaningful or dear to one’s heart.

Cremation services may occur before a memorial service, or after a funeral service. Families have the option to decide which, if any, they would like to hold. Memorial services typically involve the urn being placed on a display, accompanied by a picture of the loved one.

Pastor Core of Alan R Core Funeral Home Inc. has devoted his life to serving those in grief. He as over thirty years of experience working with families and funeral services, and honoring the memories of their loved ones. At Alan R Core Funeral Home, we serve families of all faiths, doing what we can to help during difficult times. Our empathetic staff will welcome you with open arms, providing you with the care and assistance needed to go confidently through every step of the decision-making process.

We also offer a pre funding program that allows families to plan ahead and relieve the possible financial burden that accompanies this process. Pre planning a cremation service is a very graceful gift that one gives to family and loved ones, and I expresses much consideration for them. At Alan R Core, we are devoted to planning and accommodating the needs of all faiths.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding cremation services, or other funeral services in Buffalo, NY, please feel free to contact us. You may call us at 716-819-8613 or visit us at our location on 102 Linwood Ave, Buffalo, NY.